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Hello Bonjour Caio Hola Hallo Dzień Dobry on the Road to Empowerment

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

I want to introduce myself, I'm Krystyna, your Life Skills/Health/Empowerment Facilitator.

Hmmmmm, how to describe myself? A person interested in science but also in spirituality. Over the years I've had many experiences. Many of them have pushed me more toward universal energy. I'll tell you my stories because I do enjoy story telling. These stories are true and happened to me. Let's begin with my journey toward helping people with their problems.

Childhood trauma, which too many of us have suffered from. The loss of my parents was a big blow. You see I helped my parents for years in my youth. They both suffered from PTSD and there was no help for them. I didn't cure them, only the self and body can truly cure. I did however, lighten their load whilst they were trying to function as normally as they could. It was a tough childhood, trying to reason with them as well as help. There were few successes but I learned that mental anguish can be horrific. I ran into my father's room many times whilst he slept during the day to wake him from yelling in his nightmares. They never did stop.

I think because I never got to truly help them that when they passed I felt a terrible guilt. There lives weren't happy the way they were supposed to be. Too many dreadful things had happened to them both. I felt their lives were too sad with not enough joyful moments.

I have also suffered from work trauma and exhaustion. Both tend to come hand in hand at times. It's when we're so physically tired that our mental state becomes fragile too.

When I found Equine Assisted Learning, I knew I'd found my calling. I am called to it always and I wish that I had known what I know now and helped my parents live better lives.

Luckily, I can offer others a better way to think to develop improved coping skills with things they cannot change in their lives. I will help you become happier and motivated. You will find your joy and carry it with you forever. We are all about empowerment. Emotional Intelligence is key to living a good life.

My parents never did so I am fighting for everyone who needs help to have a better life despite the difficulties endured. I promise I will give my all to help everyone have the chance of quality of life.

Thank you for reading this first post in my blog.



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