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Family in Nature
Family Herd Series

Family Herd Series

Empowerment for theWhole Family

Family life doesn't always run smoothly especially after the last two years of dealing with COVID.

There has been a disconnect not because there isn't love but because the future is so uncertain.

Our lives have been in turmoil, our usual holiday events cancelled and fun seems to have vanished with our freedom.

We can help you reconnect. We can help you communicate and laugh again.

Choose from our 5 weeks of programs or 1 weekend to bring back joy into your life.

This has been a difficult time especially for our young ones and youth.

Do something for your family. Empowerment is key to everyone in your family. Bring back confidence and support. Make friends with our Harmonious horses and know what happiness truly is.

You are really good with children and they had a great time learningAmanda

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