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Meet The Facilitators

Meet Krystyna Nelson

Owner & Facilitator

certified in:

  • Overview and Management of Parkinson's disease

  • Intuitive Development

  • Equine Assisted Learning

Hi, my name is Krystyna Nelson and I'm the founder and facilitator of Equineimity Empowerment.


As a Personal Support Worker in the health field for many years, I have helped many neurological sufferers feel relief in their daily lives. Many neurological sufferers suffer from the idea that living with neurological ailments is impossible.


But nothing could be further from the truth.

The thing is, when I was in the health care field, I knew that I could be helping at a much deeper level.


The big problem was that my horses were just sitting at home while I was working. I REALLY wanted to be able to bring the joy horses gave me to others so they could be laughing too. And that meant if I didn't start working with them to help human beings, I would be doing a disservice to both the horses and the people. 

One of the problems I had working in my previous position, was that the health companies I worked for didn’t always give me enough time with my clients. I had to just walk away when their time was up and move on to my next client.


I needed to be there for them and listen to what they had to say and listen to what they needed. I knew I could give them much more.

I felt terrible because I would visit people for their scheduled time and help them with their everyday living. They would laugh and feel loved but I wanted to take them away from the same old routine and bring joy and adventure into their world.

I felt even worse because chronic illness is debilitating not only physically but mentally. It is easy for a client to feel like, "What’s the use in trying something new? I just need to get through today without feeling too disheartened."

I was giving them as much as I could, but I was getting home much later than I should have and was often having to call to let clients know I was running late. There just wasn’t enough time in the day to just help with their active daily living. They needed a person to listen, to understand how they felt and why.

I felt like I was so much luckier than them, but I could empathize.


I’d lived through pain, I’ve learned to manage it. And simply the presence of my lovely horses would help me to get out of bed in the morning even though I hurt.


Then, as if by chance, (and a little bit of research) something amazing happened...


I got certified with Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning.


And in doing this, it became crystal clear to me that the secret was to work with horses to enlighten those in need of more in their lives.

These programs were creative, they helped the brain to function at a higher level and with increased brain function and the exercise, people would realize life can be good once more! Working alongside horses not only releases endorphins, it also brings joy and helps them to cope with the turmoil and upheaval of illness in their lives.

It was made clear to me how to create a safe and fun environment and help clients who had a neurological ailment.


I knew if I could assist my clients through these programs and keep on time with medication requirements and have my client happy and fulfilled from it - then, I could offer the programs to my more mobile neurological clients.

Discovering this world-renowned program meant I could work with people from all aspects of their ailment. I knew there was a way that I could bring people who were in need of love, care and improved quality of life to a safe place where they could experience joy!


I was able to keep my dream, my horses and work in a field I love... plus include my health profession into my own love of working with horses.

I was feeling more excited about what I was doing as I was filling a world that was neglected. Finally, it was possible to create a program that would make it possible to encourage people with neurological ailments to live a life that was awesome and fulfilling! I knew I could help others to make their quality of life better by allowing them to have fun, become empowered, find happiness and learn how to make the best of their situation!


And.. this was a way I could work with my horses in a more beneficial way than just for horseback riding. I felt I needed to do this so I wouldn't have to retire my horses who also had so much purpose left in them!

I started by introducing one of my clients to my Skills Development partners. When he came out to Harmony Farms, we did some liberty work involving chutes and obstacles with Cracker our oldest Miniature Horse which was a blast! We then made it an ongoing occurrence to help with the client’s speech and anxiety issues, and it became clear that others could benefit from the same experience!



I get out of bed to help other people manage their pain, their lives, to keep safe and enjoy a quality of life that is more than just getting up and dressed, eating, watching television and going back to bed again. And I'm now able to bring people to Harmony Farm where they can relax, be happy and enjoy beauty, nature, horses and exhilarating fresh air.

Though it sounds almost too good to be true, I can now give my energy and experience to others. I am offering a service that I love and clients see improvements in their attitude...


All while realizing they are not alone. Help is here for them.

Meet The Horses

Meet The Horses
Marley - Equine Assisted Learning Teacher - Equineimity


Equine Assisted Learning Teacher

Peruvian Paso Fino at 15hh, a gorgeous mahogany bay, was approximately born in 2007. He's a rescue I took in and never regretted. He has proven to be one of my best horses. Marley suffers from anxiety. He has it under control now after being with us for 4 years.


Marley understands anxiety, he understands being shut out. This guy will listen to you chat and love it as long as you listen to him too.


This boy loves to be loved. He will give you everything if you respect and listen to him. That doesn't mean he doesn't need a leader, he does. If you can pluck up your courage and guide this boy with a kind heart he will follow you forever.

Cotton - Equine Assisted Learning Teacher - Equineimity


Equine Assisted Learning Teacher

Tennessee Walking Horse from Tennessee, U.S.A. she was born April 2001. Standing at 15hh this beautiful blue roan with four white stockings and a blaze is a dream to work with. She can also be a nightmare. Lol! Just kidding! She is strong-willed and if you falter in what you're trying to achieve she'll be wandering somewhere else before you know it.


Purchased as a rescue that may have gone for meat because of her confident personality. She fit in here very quickly. From respect and attention to her needs she has proved to be one of our best horses.


She was shown, bred many times and ended up a trail horse where she didn't work out. Cotton is sensitive, she is quick to learn, she is intelligent and she is a fast mover because she is gaited. Her walk is huge so if you have long legs and love to stretch them here's the girl for you.


She expects respect, she has to be heard, she loves challenges and is great to work with. She'll make you up your game but she's also a big sweetheart deep down. Don't let her aloofness fool you. Once she bonds with you she's your best buddy.

Mack - Equine Assisted Learning Teacher - Equineimity


Equine Assisted Learning Teacher

Mack is a grulla miniature horse with an almost silver mane and tail and a chocolate body. He was born in 2006 and is about 34 inches tall. He came from an Equine Rescue and settled here with his friend Ginger very quickly.


He is sweet-natured and loves the programs that we run. He loves being part of the group and the thought process of getting through the challenges. He is easy to work with having a laid back attitude and an interest in what is happening.

Snowy - Equine Assisted Learning Teacher - Equineimity


Equine Assisted Learning Teacher

Snowy is our first rescue for our programs. I saw him 4 years ago, unable to walk and about to be euthanized. I brought him home shaking my head for what I had just done. Perhaps this boy's pain was too much to recover from but when he laid his neck and head against my leg and snuggled into me I couldn't do anything else. He spoke to me that I could help him.


Snowy is a white Miniature Horse, he is the smallest of our program horses and was born approximately in 2007. He is chronic with his founder issues but we work to keep his pain in check and his quality of life as comfortable as possible.


He can be aloof but he can be tremendous fun too. He has quite the personality wavering between cute as can be and naughty. Working with this guy is a hoot as he really does get into it. He is afraid of no one in the herd and is accepted as the little “big” dude. If you like being kept on your toes this guy will do that. Luckily his feet are so small that if he steps on them it won't bother you too much!

Ginger - Equine Assisted Learning Teacher - Equineimity


Equine Assisted Learning Teacher

Ginger came with Mack, she is a Miniature Horse around 34 inches tall and was born in 2008. She is a red bay with black legs, mane and tail.


Ginger was wild for years before she moved to her previous owner who had to give them up (not her fault) to the Rescue. She settled in with us very well and became snuggly quite quickly. She has a strong personality, not putting up with nonsense from others in the herd and being sensible enough to keep herself happy, usually with Mack, Snowy and Molly. Ginger brings her sensible behaviour to the programs. Making her a definite bonus to have on your team to get through the challenges.

Caro - Equine Assisted Learning Teacher - Equineimity


Equine Assisted Learning Teacher

Caro is Cracker's daughter, she came with Cracker from the rescue. Caro stands around 36” tall, she is a very pretty, petite Miniature Horse with flaxen mane and tail and a lovely palomino colouring. Caro is wary, she watches what goes on and stays with the big guys and her dam, Cracker to be safe out in the big fields. Jack and Marley are her favourites to be with but she'll hang out with the boss gal Mocha as well.


Caro presents a cautiousness that people like. She doesn't just jump in like her mom but carefully takes things one step at a time. She offers encouragement and a safe zone for those that like the more established pathway.

Master Jack - Equine Assisted Learning Teacher - Equineimity

Master Jack

Equine Assisted Learning Teacher

Sadly Jack passed away Christmas 2020. We all miss him very much. He was the best!


At the age of three, Jack was already sure of himself and wasn't going to be bullied by anyone. He returned home to me after a failed attempt to lunge and train him under saddle. Taking him to a friend's equine centre I took on the role of trainer and worked diligently with him even though I was often dragged on the lunge from one end of the arena to the other. We worked on respect for each other and developed a love/hate relationship until we met the dressage coach, Eddo Hoekstra. Eddo set us both straight.


I found I had the perfect horse. He proved to be smart and brilliant in his work. As my best friend, we enjoyed many experiences including hunting with the hounds (we never killed anything) the reason I stayed. We went on trail rides, galloped through forests, showed dressage and loved our partnership.


Now retired he brings his wisdom, experience and a good chunk of “show me respect or you'll lose my attention”. He has babysat youngsters, minis and was the lead gelding for years. If you respect and show leadership this guy will work well with you and he'll take good care of you. He's my gentleman.

Molly - Equine Assisted Learning Teacher - Equineimity


Equine Assisted Learning Teacher

Sadly Molly passed away in 2021.  Her age and Cushing's Disease finally caught up with her.  We miss her very much.

Molly is a rescued Haflinger/Quarterhorse cross. She is 13.2hh, a grulla (more palomino that dun) with her lovely flaxen mane and tail. Molly was going for meat the day I bought her (crippled with founder) it was something I had to do for this sweet older mare. Born approximately 1997 she has struggled with her chronic ailment. Thankfully she bounces back, showing her stoic nature.


Molly is loved by everyone. However, not because she's a pushover but because she is slower, more consistent and less demanding. She teaches us to take things at a pace we're comfortable with. One that allows us to absorb, learn and understand what is going on around us. Bless her big kind heart!

Cracker - Equine Assisted Learning Teacher - Equineimity


Equine Assisted Learning Teacher

Sadly Cracker passed away in 2021. Below is a video in memory of her.

Cracker is also from the same Equine Rescue as Mack and Ginger. She is a miniature horse, standing around 35” tall and is a chestnut colour. She was born in 2004.


Cracker is easy going, energetic and adorable. She loves to hang out with the big guys especially Marley whom she follows adoringly around the field. She is brave, fun and a favourite of mine because she has it together and enjoys life to the max. She offers stability, expression, adventure and a fantastic partnership.

We have been trained by the world-renowned Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Inc, who certify all over the world through the Academy of Equine Assisted Learning BuildingBlock™ course.

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