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Harmony Farm Equineimity, Warmblood Foal

Registered Warmbloods

Empowerment for anyone looking for that special horse for breeding, showing, to build a lifetime relationship with. We take pride in our warmbloods and select stallions that will produce good temperament, movement and aptitude to perform and be your best partner.

Our foals are registered CWHBA or CSHA.

We will be offering foal purchases from our 3 gorgeous broodmares in 2023.

Our foals are from dressage, jumper and eventing bloodlines.

We offer foals from 3 different stallions that pass on great conformation and attitude.

Our mares are out of Canadian, US and UK breeding.

Empowerment through the right horse is here for you. Our mares are high quality as are our stallions. Mares and sires are chosen for dressage, jumping and eventing bloodlines.

Hanoverian Warmblood Filly
Hanoverian Warmblood
Harmony Farm Equineimity, Mare and Foal
Harmony Farm Equineimity, Brood mare

Empowerment is everything and our horses are raised and trained to do just that. Let them empower you on toward a road of success in the sport of your desire. Let them help you attain the heights you've been searching for and enjoy the most amazing relationship with an animal that mankind has ever had the honour to hold. We all have gratitude for these magnificent beings. Own one that has had the best growth and encouragement through its life through knowledge and understanding of how a horse thinks, feels and responds. in a beautiful herd setting your foal will grow up to be well adjusted with good manners.


We're here for you.

Not only do our mares excel in conformation but in beauty as well. They have been chosen for their own talents and intellect. Their progeny will take you where you want to go. Literally!

Harmony Farm Equineimity, Brood Mare
Harmony Farm Equineimity, Brood Mare

We want our foals to go to the right home for them. Plus they have to be right for you. We are all about matching well. Our foals are our babies, we love, care and treat them as if they will be ours forever. Only the best of homes and best of people are what we want for them. Are you that person?

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