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Intuitive Riding for Empowerment

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

What does over 30 years of horse experience give you? Ways to not ride!

Perhaps, like me you've noticed the onset of new ways to train, gentling instead of breaking. Why not be your horse's best friend rather than it's bully? I don't think you require reasons. You know it's wrong and that's why we don't allow our children to be bullied by teachers anymore. I am talking empowerment for you and your horse.

Why I use sidepulls and bitless bridles

Riding in a sidepull or bitless bridle especially on a trail ride or out hacking is possible. In the above photo I am riding my Peruvian Paso in a bitless bridle with no issues. It is to do with the training of your horse and yourself. If your seat is not established you will not be able to successfully ride well. This makes you rely on the bit for control of your horse instead of your body controlling your horse. I use the bitless bridle to check where I am at with my seat. If I can't transition down through my seat I need more practice.

I'm not saying your horse will never be out of control. Fear is a strong base and will set your horse off. However, if you have worked with your horse to gain trust and a good base training you will get their minds back to you.

I ride with my seat. I use spongy legs to guide and activate but the most energy comes from my core for upward transitions. Let's add to that spongy hands too for downward transitions. What is this "spongy" thing I'm talking about? Squeezes that increase when necessary. We should never compromise our position when riding. Our balance is the most important aid we have. Use clarity with your aids. Go through what you are going to do in your head before performing it. You don't need legs of steel, biceps that bulge or forearms that could pull a person over. What you do need is balance and a core that is strong and well centred.

We are all about empowerment for you and your horse. You are welcome to trailer your own horse to us for this interesting, refining way of horse riding.

A great quote from my coach. "Less is more." Eddo Hoekstra

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